Terms & Conditions

Applicable to participation in events managed by Annie Lawson Sports Promotions

Annie Lawson Sports Promotions (hereinafter called “The Agent”) accepts instructions only on the following conditions and with the following stipulations:

Bookings and Payment

All international golf tour bookings are confirmed on the condition that a non-refundable deposit is paid to Annie Lawson Sports Promotions within 14 days of confirmation. The balance owing must be paid by the date stipulated on the invoice.

Prices are quoted in the advertised flyer at the ruling daily exchange. Until Annie Lawson Sports Promotions has received the full payment, we reserve the right to charge any variations to the passenger’s account.

Annie Lawson Sports Promotions reserves the right to cancel any booking in respect of which any payment is not made timeously.

Annie Lawson Sports Promotions guarantee the price of land arrangements once final payment is received, except where any subsequent increase is beyond the control of Annie Lawson Sports Promotions.

Airfares are subject to the prices and conditions quoted by the airlines and cannot be guaranteed by Annie Lawson Sports Promotions.

Should payment be received later and Annie Lawson Sports Promotions has to make use of a courier service, the cost will be for the passengers account.

An amendment fee to cover communication expenses will be levied for any charges to the confirmed itinerary.


All tours are booked and all tour arrangements are made on the express conditions that Annie Lawson Sports Promotions, their servants and agents shall not be responsible for, and shall be exempt from, all liability in respect of any loss, damage, accident, weather conditions, airline strikes, delay or inconvenience to any person, or his or her luggage, or property, wherever, whenever and however the same may occur.

Force Majeure: In the event of delays, disruptions or other events unprecedented and outside our control, we will endeavour to provide suitable alternative arrangements where possible, however we will not be liable for refunds.

Annie Lawson Sports Promotions accepts no responsibility for any recent introductory airline price hikes for luggage/sporting equipment etc. beyond the control of the Company and ruled non-negotiable by contracted airlines.

Annie Lawson Sports Promotions, their servants and agents shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage whatsoever. Annie Lawson Sports Promotions agents have the authority to claim the cost of repair for any damage caused by the client to any property.


In the event of tour participants cancelling their reservations, Annie Lawson Sports Promotions will not be bound to any refund to such tour participants whose costs have already been submitted abroad. 

Passports; Visas; Vaccinations and Inoculations

The responsibility to obtain proper, current and valid passports, visas, vaccinations, inoculations and the like where required, is that of the customer alone and the company shall not be responsible or liable for any consequence of any nature arising from the customer failing to ensure that he/she has complied with all such requirements.

Unscheduled Extensions/Breakaways

In the likely event of there being an unscheduled extension to the holiday caused by flight delays, bad weather, strikes or any other cause which is beyond the control of Annie Lawson Sports Promotions, it is understood that the expenses relating to these unscheduled extensions (hotel accommodation etc) will be for the account of the participant.

While it is possible to break away from planned holiday itineraries, it is understood that extra expenses incurred as a result of such a breakaway will be for the passenger’s account and any unused service will not be refunded.